Vincent Ackermann alias SARO was born and raised in the suburbs of Lausanne. In the middle of the 90’s, Lausanne was the world capital of inline skating. The best American and European riders come here a few days a year for the International Roller Contest, the world’s biggest event in the sport. At that time, SARO discovered and was seduced by the hip-hop culture and all the graphic universe that goes with it. The magazine Daily Bread, dedicated entirely to rollerblading, Cypress Hill, a West Coast rap group, as well as Arlo Eisenberg, a pioneer of aggressive rollerblading and graphic designer, are the first sources of inspiration for the young Vincent Ackermann. A self-taught artist, he tried painting during his teenage years but it is with a lens that he is most comfortable. In parallel to his engineering studies, he devoted himself to photography and digital art.